About Us

CTC was started with the purpose of providing students the opportunity to earn a bachelor’s degree in a timely manner and enable them to pursue the career of their choice.  At CTC we feel that every student is entitled to personal career counseling in order to help navigate the complex career selection process and help them achieve their goals. “In Today’s world it is imperative that every person is armed with a career that will provide him/her with a livelihood that is satisfying and meaningful.” Miriam Rosenbluth M.Ed NBCT

When you come to a CTC session you will meet with a career counselor to help you determine your ideal career path and provide a detailed schedule to help ensure that you meet your goals.

Every student is given a timeline which will reflect their personal “degree plan” with an end goal in sight.

Your path is your own, and you are guided through it until you graduate.

How does it work?

Our more than 100 courses are comprised of study guides which include the content of the course that are studied at home.  When completed, students return to take the exam.  Each study guide is a clear and user friendly compilation of the course material which the student will be tested on.  Courses are in both Judaic and General studies content and each course is either a 2, 3 , 4 , 5 or 6 credit course.  In addition, high-school and seminary/yeshiva credits are accepted to reach your goal of 120 credits towards a bachelor’s degree.

Students may transfer up to 90 credits from other regionally accredited programs and still qualify to graduate through CTC.


CTC offers a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts or Psychology.  This degree will enable our students to apply to a variety of graduate programs in many fields.  In addition, at CTC we provide opportunities for students to meet their required prerequisite courses needed for specific programs such as nursing, occupational therapy, speech therapy and more
Many of our graduates have achieved their dream of graduation and have moved on to satisfying careers. Others, have continued their education path advancing into graduate programs of their choice including nursing, occupational therapy, law, education, psychology to name a few.