Student Services

Career Counseling

Many students enter their college years without a clear idea or understanding of a career and how to go about choosing one. At CTC we pride ourselves with providing one on one career counseling with each and every student who walks through our door.
Every students is given the opportunity to explore his/her options through the lens of their strengths and likes, this enables him/her to find the best career path for their individual needs and wants.


Students are provided with an exact schedule of exams that fits their needs and their lives. This helps ensure that students are proceeding at a pace that is reasonable and manageable thus, providing the student with a feeling of accomplishment and encourages students to stay on track.
This schedule can be adjusted as needed, with the goal of completing as soon as possible in mind.


As students progress towards their goal of completing their coursework, CTC works alongside to make sure that that goal is kept and achieved. This includes flexibility in scheduling tests, constant communication with students and one on one help in ensuring the goal of graduation.

The Next Step

CTC is committed to helping its students reach their highest potential. Many students are able to continue their higher education after CTC. The Next Step is our way of helping guide and educate our students with the available options to advance their education in the field of their choice. There are many options available to our students that will fit their lifestyles and enable them to maximize their education to achieve higher earning potential and higher satisfaction at work.